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MANA Personnel

A list of MANA personnel

MANA Personnel
photo Lisa Ball
Member Services Coordinator
E-mail: lball@manaonline.org
Direct line: (949) 600-6455
photo Charles Cohon, CPMR
President and CEO
E-mail: ccohon@manaonline.org
Direct line: (949) 427-3027
photo Jack Foster
Editor, Agency Sales Magazine
E-mail: jack@fostercommunications.org
photo Pam Hamlin
Advertising Services
E-mail: phamlin@manaonline.org
Direct line: (949) 600-6456
photo Alane LaPlante
Publication/Art Director
E-mail: alaplante@manaonline.org
photo Jerry Leth
Vice President and General Manager
E-mail: jleth@manaonline.org
Direct line: (949) 600-6465
photo Susan Strouse
Accounting Manager
E-mail: sstrouse@manaonline.org
Direct line: (949) 600-6453