We hear from many members we ought to screen manufacturers before allowing them to join as associate members. Given the size of our staff and the real cost of trying to qualify the 65 associate members who join each month, we’ve come up with something that at least gets them thinking about how ready they are to work with professional outsourced sales companies like yours. When they join, we send them a welcoming e-mail and in it we have the following statement:

“Now that you’ve joined MANA, we know you are probably anxious to get going. However, the question is, are you really ready?

“Why not take just a few moments to take a short quiz that will help answer the question? Just click here.

“Don’t worry if you don’t get a perfect score. As a member, you will have access to resources that can turn your weaker areas into strengths. Just give us a call, tell us where you need help and we’ll discuss your options.”

It’s not the perfect answer, but we think it will drive some of the associate members to avail themselves of MANA’s many educational resources. The questionnaire is on the open area of our web site, so prospective members can test themselves even before they join.

MANA Initiates Manufacturers’ Quiz

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