Often multi-person MANA rep member companies ask us for a way to extend MANA benefits to their employees. We are pleased to launch a new program to allow members to secure MANA benefits for as many of their employees as they choose.

MANA rep members, who choose to do so, can extend MANA member benefits to one or more employees, except that the added members do not have voting privileges and cannot serve on the Board of Directors.

Among the benefits those employees will receive are:

  • Their own personal monthly print copy of Agency Sales magazine
  • Access to the electronic version of Agency Sales magazine
  • MANA’s monthly iToolbox e-newsletter
  • Their own login to access the tools, discounted educational materials, seminars, affinity programs and information in the member area at manaonline.org. More details about those member benefits are available at //www.manaonline.org/?cat=62

Because these added memberships help our industry by spreading information about the rep system of selling to your employees, MANA kept the cost very economical:

  • First five additional members: $49.00 each*
  • Second five additional members: $39.00 each*
  • Additional members after the first ten: $35.00 each.*

When you choose to offer MANA member benefits to your employees you also benefit the community of MANA reps by increasing the total number of MANA members. That increased number makes us more attractive to prospective principal members, increases the credibility of MANA’s lobbying efforts, and makes MANA more attractive to companies that offer discounts to association members. And if you choose to include those names in your MANA online profile, it further enhances your image with prospective principals.

To choose to offer MANA benefits to any of your employees, just add their information to the renewal form.

* For example, adding seven employee memberships is ($49 x 5) + ($39 x 2) = $323.
Adding 11 members is ($49 x 5) + ($39 x 5) + ($35 x 1) = $475.

Announcing Optional MANA Agent Member Employee Benefit Program

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