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Are you interested in selling your manufacturers’ rep business?

Or perhaps buying an agency or merging with one?

MANA offers an “Agency/Business Opportunities” section in Agency Sales magazine. Agents place ads in this section when they look to buy, sell or merge with other reps.

Now, through the Premium E-mail “Agency/Business Opportunities” program, we send your ad via e-mail to targeted members. “Agency/Business Opportunities” Premium E-mail advertisers can select recipients by either Product Classifications, locations or both.

A concern is that those who plan to sell or retire do not want to divulge that information. As with the Agency Sales print ad, MANA offers a “Blind Box” option. An interested party responds directly to MANA and MANA forwards the e-mail to the advertiser. The advertiser then chooses whether he can safely contact the interested party.

If you are a single-person rep firm, the new “Agency/Business Opportunities” Premium E-mail ad program holds special interest for you. Historically, when single-person reps retire, they close the business and disappear. Unlike multiple-person agencies with succession plans, the single rep receives no compensation for the business they created.

The “Agency/Business Opportunities” Premium E-mail ads provide more opportunities for single-person reps to connect with start-ups. This creates a win-win-win scenario — the retiring rep gains added retirement income and the start-up begins with an established business, and the principal retains territory coverage.

Cost of the Premium “Agency/Business Opportunities” ad is $449. MANA Members receive a 20% discount.

To maintain confidentiality, MANA will not post the “Agency/Business Opportunities” Premium E-mail ads on the website, in the iToolbox e-newsletter, nor publish them in Agency Sales without your consent.

For an order form in Microsoft Word to fill out and e-mail, click here,
or for a printable PDF to fill out and fax, click here.


  • MANA sends  e-mails to the target members two weeks apart


  • MANA posts the ad in the open area of the MANA website for four weeks
  • MANA posts the ad in the monthly iToolbox sent to agent members
  • MANA publishes the ad in the next Agency Sales magazine for which it meets the deadline
“Agency/Business Opportunities” Premium E-mail Ad Program

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