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Manufacturers love the responses they get when they advertise for reps in Agency Sales magazine, and many take advantage of Agency Sales’ premium ads that push e-mails to targeted MANA rep members. Now we’re adding a whole new platform to MANA’s “Rep Wanted” offering with our new “online only” option.

As you know, Agency Sales ads are professionally designed to fit a magazine format, and can optionally be broadcast by e-mail to MANA rep members. But once a magazine-style ad is placed, the message cannot be changed unless you place another ad.

MANA’s online-only “Rep Wanted” platform lets you buy an ad for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. And because the ad is “online only” you can log back onto the MANA website after you’ve placed your ad and change it. For example, suppose that you were advertising for a rep in Ohio and successfully recruited an Ohio rep. MANA’s “online-only” platform will let you change your ad to search for a Michigan rep instead.

So your ads are completely under your control for the entire term of the ad. Change the territories, change the products, change anything you want, for the entire term of the ad.

What else is different about our “online only” format? Nearly unlimited word count! When you place an ad in a print magazine, your word count is limited by the size of the ad you buy. Our “online only” platform gives you an almost unlimited amount of space to describe your product or service. Of all the manufacturers to place ads on this new platform, only one was able to come up with enough text to completely fill the available space.

And, clearly there is a demand for this service, because ad sales on this new platform have been booming!

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Announcing the New MANA Online “Rep Wanted” Advertising Platform

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