To Win BIG, Learn How to Lose Early

Topic: Learning How to Lose Early and Other Axioms of Sales
The selling world has seen many changes in recent years: new tools to support the selling approach, new selling methodologies like the Challenger Sale or revisions/improvements to existing selling methodologies. CRMs have also come a long way. And then there is marketing automation. As I have looked at and welcomed these changes and improvements, I have been struck by some fundamental truths that don’t seem to have changed, but we have lost sight of them in our rush to adopt the latest tool, technology or methodology. I am not suggesting that there is no value in the new items on the market, but I do believe we have lost sight of some of the core techniques of selling.

To Win Big, Learn How to Lose Early, from the upcoming book by the same name, takes a look at what I see are some of the fundamental truths of sales that have not changed. And they can be applied to the modern selling world just like they were 30, 40, or more years ago. Through this talk, I will review 14 of my favorite axioms of sales. These are Sales Fundamentals that you can use in any selling situation in any selling industry. You will see how applying each of these 14 axioms can help you become more effective at selling and will drive more and greater sales.

don gray1Presenter: Don Gray, President, Sales Engineering Group
Don has enjoyed a thirty-year career in sales, marketing, international management, and sales development. Over his career, he has developed an extensive background in systems software, database and business application technologies, and data warehousing solutions. Don has held positions in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, International Management and Strategic Planning. In addition, he has led sales education development and deployment activities. Don has extensive experience in facilitating both sales skills and business solution workshop sessions worldwide.

Don pursued his academic career at Cleveland State University and the University of Texas in Dallas in business and marketing. He is experienced with and certified in a variety of selling methodologies including Sales Force Systems’Eagle Selling Methodology, Holden International’s Power Base Selling and related programs, Huthwaite’s SPIN Selling, IMPAX Corp.’s The IMPAX Selling Process, and the Dale Carnegie Sales Course.

When: Friday, September 9, 2016

Where: Montgomery Inn, 9440 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236

11:00 am – 12:00 – networking
12:00 – 1:30 pm – lunch and presentation

$25 for members
$30 for non-members

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Cincinnati Chapter News | Luncheon | September 9, 2016