We believe a reason many of you join associations is to tap into the common knowledge and wisdom of others who face similar issues. If you have such knowledge and wisdom and are willing to share your best practices with other MANA members, please let us know. The current topic we want to cover is:

  1. Hiring salespeople for manufacturers’ representative businesses
  • Where do you go to find candidates to interview?
  • What questions do you ask during the interview?
  • What do your employment agreements include?
  • What else?

If you have extensive experience in hiring salespeople for your manufacturers’ representative business and are willing to share that knowledge, please e-mail Jerry Leth at jleth@manaonline.org. Jack Foster, Editor of Agency Sales magazine will then contact you and schedule a time for an interview. Once we publish the articles, we’ll post them in the member area of the MANA website for future reference. Your contributions would be most appreciated.

Would You Be Willing to Be Interviewed for an Agency Sales Magazine Article?

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