MANA is pleased to announce that John Davis, Stephen Fowler, and Ed Juline all have been re-elected to serve a second two-year term on MANA’s Board of Directors.


photo of John DavisJohn Davis, President
Paul Davis Automation, Inc.

As a second-generation owner of my family’s firm, I am committed to long-term success in the rep business and, as such, am passionate about promoting and sustaining the general health, longevity, and relevancy of the manufacturer’s representative model.

In my final two-year term on MANA’s Board of Directors I will continue to bring fresh ideas and innovative angles that address the organizational challenges MANA faces and help MANA to grow membership and, as a result, promote the general interest of our cause.

I will continue to focus on technology, data-driven marketing, and product-driven business development to help the organization achieve its membership goals.

photo of Stephen FowlerStephen Fowler, President
Process Equipment Resources & Consulting

My principal focus during my final two-year term on MANA’s Board of Directors is to accept the challenge of the transformative process, working with others at the Board and membership, translating ideas into actions and policies. As our CODE declares, MANA values relationships and continuous communication.

Through my business life, I have worked in all three corners of the MANA network: as manufacturing sales/marketing director for representative/direct sales channel management, and then as operations and line responsibilities interacting with rep firms to meet product design and production goals, and then as owner of an industrial process MANA firm: sales manager, customer, and rep agency owner.

Now my business model touches again those three elements: consulting with firms on both sides of the equation. We must fulfill our long-standing traditional goals to customers, manufacturers, and rep agency partners, but strive to enlarge, evolve, and make our association ever relevant and valued.

photo of Ed JulineEd Juline, President, Mexico Representation

Ed Juline’s company, Mexico Representation, was formed in 2010 to help U.S. and Canadian technology companies find customers in Mexico’s manufacturing industry.

Ed has worked in manufacturing operations and sales in the U.S. and Mexico for 21 years. His experience spans companies of all sizes, from multinational companies like Toyota and IBM, to mid-market conglomerates like IMI and all the way down to family businesses. Much of Ed’s work involves helping U.S. and Canadian principals sell their products in Mexico, and helping companies in Mexico to develop the skills they need to compete with Chinese companies.

“In my final two-year term on MANA’s Board of Directors, I will continue to bring international experience and perspective to MANA,” said Juline. “International markets require international thinking,” he continued, “and my experience working across international boundaries will give MANA’s Board new resources to help MANA representative members develop new insights on how to work in today’s business environment.”

Davis, Fowler, Juline Re-Elected to MANA Board of Directors

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