The “A League of Their Own” Special Interest Group for women manufacturers’ representatives held their second regional meeting in Solon, OH. Molly Morrison, of power/electric/electronic components, organized the meeting.

They started the meeting with introductions then explained their job title, daily duties, company description, and the markets they call on.

They then discussed what are the main reasons they are interested in the “A League of Their Own” group:

  • To work with other women on “woman-owned business” certifications. Several in the group tried for Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification and were rejected. Another is starting the process with WOB (Women Owned Business). Some of the requirements are similar to the WBENC so she would like the correct answers before starting this grueling process.
  • What benefits/issues each has specific to being a woman representative.
  • How to communicate with Millennials.
  • Not all agreed that being a woman affects the day to day of being a sales rep.

Other topics:

  • Memberships are down across the board with organizations for salespeople.
  • Can MANA breakdown an automotive sector of memberships?
  • Sales contracts


Attendees, left to right: Molly Morrison, employee, power/electric/electronic components; Rosanne Brunello, owner, heat treating capitol equipment; Lauren Brown, owner/partner, automotive metal stamping/fasteners/springs; Lynda Neumann, employee, electronic components.

The “A League of Their Own” Special Interest Group for Women Manufacturers’ Representatives Held Second Regional Meeting in Ohio

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