MANA “Member in Good Standing” Web Page Tackles Three Common Member Problems

MANA is constantly looking for ways to improve the value proposition we offer to MANA members, and our new “Member in Good Standing” web page benefit hits a home run by tackling three common problems faced by our members.

My company is a MANA member, and:

  1. We do not have a web page. Problem solved!
  2. We’d like to be ranked higher in Google search results. MANA can help!
  3. We’d like a web link that verifies we are MANA members in good standing. Done!

Problem #1 — “My company does not have a web page.”

  • Now all MANA members have a web page, courtesy of MANA. It’s based on the information in your MANA profile. For more details, read the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below.

Problem #2 — “I want my company to be ranked higher in Google search results.”

  • One of the ways your Google search ranking improves is when a link to your website appears on a well-respected, popular website like For more details see the FAQ section that follows.

Problem #3 — “I want MANA to verify to prospective partners that we are MANA members in good standing.

  • Your MANA web page carries the “MANA Member in Good Standing” symbol and verifies your status to prospective partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this web page?

Print the web address on your business cards and letterhead, and include it in your e-mail signature line to let your customers and partners know that you are a MANA member in good standing.

What is the web address for my new web page?

All the web addresses start with For example, John D. Roba Company, Inc. was automatically assigned the web address:

To find out what letters follow for your company:

  • Log into the member area of
  • Choose the “View my Member in Good Standing web page” link.
  • Your “Member in Good Standing” web page will open in your browser.

Can I change my web address?


  • Log onto
  • Choose the “Manage my member account” link.
  • Choose the “Manage MANA Web Page” link. Change the information after from the name that was assigned to you to the name you want.
  • Click the “Update” button.

Please note, when two or more MANA members with similar company names all request the same web address, MANA honors the first request for that name and the others will need to make a different selection.

I made a change on my MANA profile, but the change did not immediately appear on my MANA web page.

Your MANA web page draws its information from your MANA profile, but it will typically take up to two hours for updates to your MANA profile to be reflected on your MANA web page.

Why doesn’t my e-mail address appear on my MANA web page?

Instead of including your e-mail address on your MANA web page, MANA has included a contact form. This contact form was designed to significantly reduce nuisance e-mails that you would receive if your e-mail address had been included on your MANA web page. Messages directed to you through the contact form on your MANA website will be forwarded to the e-mail address you provided in your MANA member profile.

I am “flying under the radar,” can I turn off my web page?

If you have already requested that your profile not be included in the MANA directory, MANA did not generate a web page for your company.

To turn off your MANA web page:

  • Log onto
  • Choose the “Manage my member account” link.
  • Choose the “Manage MANA Web Page” link.
  • Uncheck the “Website is turned on” box.
  • Click the “Update” button. Your web page will become inactive within about two hours.

How do I use my MANA web page to improve the Google ranking of my company’s website?

Be sure that you have already included the URL for your web page in your MANA profile. If you have not included the URL for your web page in your MANA profile or if you are not sure if you have done so, log on to and check your profile.

Go to and follow the instructions to submit your MANA web page to Google.

When Google accepts your submission, Google will recognize that the well-respected and popular site has a link to your company’s website, and your search rank will reflect that fact.

How do I use the “Member in Good Standing” feature?

Include a link on your company’s website to your MANA web page. Visitors to your company’s website who click on the link will see that your company is a MANA member in good standing.

What happens if my MANA membership lapses?

If your MANA membership lapses, then your web page will no longer be active. MANA will reserve the name that was associated with your web page briefly, but if you do not reinstate your membership that name will become available to other MANA members.

For example, if the Smith rep company in South Carolina had been assigned the web address but then allowed its membership to lapse, another Smith rep company in Oregon could claim and the Smith company in South Carolina would not be able to get that web address back if it reinstated its membership later.

Can MANA provide a more elaborate website including my logo, line card, and other information about my company?

Not yet, but we will consider expanding this program if there is interest from our members. If you are interested in a more elaborate fee-based website or have comments about this new MANA benefit, let us know by sending an e-mail to

We are excited to offer this new benefit to our members, and continue to apply ourselves to making your MANA membership more valuable. Your feedback will help us serve you better. Please e-mail us at or call us toll-free at 877-626-2776.