Where Are All of the Platinum Manufacturers’ Representatives?

Representative Bob Lindsay* and manufacturer Charles Edwards* agree: “If you want to be a platinum representative or find a platinum representative, take a lesson from geologists. Where do you find the metal platinum? Most often in nickel or copper mines. So if you want to find platinum, look for nickel or copper.” How does this apply to becoming a great representative or finding great representatives? Just like the geologist who sees nickel or copper as an indication that platinum may be present, the representative who strives for greatness or the principal who is looking for great representatives should consider the following:

  1. Great representatives have a well-groomed line card – synergistic products only.
  2. Great representatives belong to industry trade associations.
  3. Great representatives commit to continuing education.
  4. Great representatives create business plans and succession plans.

Whether you are a representative working toward greatness or a principal seeing great representatives, knowing the signs that indicate representative professionalism will help you find platinum representatives, or become one.

*MANA blogs sometime combine the experiences of two or more MANA members, and members’ names are always changed to protect their privacy