Lisa Wilson is on the January 2021 MANA Board of Directors Ballot

Agency Sales magazine cover featuring Wilson

MANA’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Lisa Wilson, president of L.S. Wilson & Associates, Inc., in Bristol, Wisconsin, has successfully applied to appear on the January 2021 MANA Board of Directors ballot to serve a two-year term starting May 1, 2021.

Wilson is running for the seat that will become available when MANA Director Charlie Ingram completes his second two-year term on April 30, 2021. Ingram is executive vice president & chief marketing officer of Eriez Manufacturing in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Ingram is the only manufacturer ever to serve on MANA’s Board of Directors and his contributions to MANA’s governance have been invaluable. MANA’s Board of Directors and staff are so very grateful for the four years he dedicated to MANA’s Board.

Wilson has 45 years of business experience — 22 years as a self-employed business owner and an independent manufacturers’ representative and 23 years at OEM manufacturers in roles such as purchasing, customer service, production scheduling and planning.  “Working in manufacturing for 23 years gave me a great background for sales,” says Wilson, “It was just the other side of the desk.”

In her application to appear on the ballot, she wrote: “I want to share whatever knowledge and experience I have gained through the years as an independent manufacturers’ representative with others who might just be starting their career or those that are currently working in the profession.”

“I never want to stop learning. I believe being on the MANA Board will allow me to continue to learn from my peers by exchanging and sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences.”

“I want to give back to the manufacturers’ representative profession and let others know it can be a good and rewarding career if one gets started on the right track.”

Ballots will be distributed by email to rep members by January 1, 2021. Votes must be received by January 31, 2021 to be counted.