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RepFinder® by MANA® is our premier search engine for hiring reps.

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I have been contacted by 3 manufacturers since we joined MANA earlier this month!

Jim Thornton, Managing Partner, Thermal Power Solutions

It works! I almost always get a response in a day or so, sometimes in 10 minutes.

Ken Cowlin, Vice President, DA Roller Corporation

I joined MANA six weeks ago and have made contact with several reps and agencies that fit very well into our business...Thank you and your team for making all of this easy, productive and educational.

Paul Patrash, CEO, Elite Mold & Engineering, Inc.

As you may recall, you worked with me on developing a list from the MANA database that comprised 90 reps...One rep told me they control $60 million in sales and could easily give us at least $1 million of sales.

Jim Rowlands, LYCO MFG

MANA vs. for-profit rep-matchmaking sites

Non-profit MANA For-profit rep matchmaking sites
MANA rep members pay annual dues. They are serious enough to invest in professionalism. Free “I am a rep, hire me” listings are available to anyone with an email address.
MANA files every year to maintain IRS-recognized 501(c)6 non-profit trade association status. Do your own due diligence to choose from all the different for-profit rep-search websites.
MANA is owed by its mfr. and rep members. Dues revenue goes to member benefits. Profits go to whoever put that website on the internet.
Non-profit means MANA focuses on our members’ profits, not our own. The focus of each of the many for-profit matchmaking sites will be different.


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