Starting a Manufacturers’ Representative Agency

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You visited this page because you plan to start a manufacturers’ representative business. A significant number of people join MANA because they also planned to start their own outsourced sales companies. You are not alone.

Those start-ups who join MANA come from similar backgrounds. They worked as direct sales employees for someone else. Because they possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to own and run their own companies, they leave their employer and embark on a journey on their own. They apply great selling skills and their customers know them, trust them and buy from them.

What they lack are business skills. Sure, the business purpose is to sell, but their primary role is to run the business. And, to run the business in a profitable manner.

Fact — the more professionally you operate your business, the more profits it generates.

Another fact, high-quality manufacturers contract with the most professional manufacturers’ representatives willing to work with them. And when you represent higher quality principals, you increase your profitability.

How do you learn to operate as a professional manufacturers’ representative? Join MANA and access our Steps to Rep Professionalism program. This program offers all the knowledge and education you need to grow professionally as the owner of a manufacturers’ representative business. We provide the education in several formats — short introductory webinars, special reports, manuals, teleforums, podcasts and Agency Sales magazine articles. You also can phone Jerry Leth or Charley Cohon at MANA when you have questions. Both previously owned and operated their own manufacturers’ representative businesses.

Once you commit to start your own manufacturers’ representative business, join MANA and start on your path to professionalism and profitability.

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