Industrial Supply Association’s All-New Summer Session Program Continues with 8 Free Virtual Sessions on Demystifying the Omnichannel Customer Experience

The Industrial Supply Association’s all-new Summer Session program continues with eight free virtual sessions designed to demystify the omnichannel customer experience. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for professionals in leadership, sales, marketing, customer experience, and human resources to gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of the B2B customer buying experience.

“The rate of change in the B2B customer buying experience is unprecedented, and it is vital for companies to understand and respond to these changes effectively,” said Brendan Breen, President at ISA. “Our Summer Session program centered around ‘demystifying the omnichannel customer experience’ is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and strategies they need to navigate the challenges of delivering an omnichannel customer buying experience while also considering the impact on their own employees.”

These eight, 40-minute sessions are crucial for organizations seeking to adapt to the changing landscape of the customer buying experience and develop a robust omnichannel strategy. The 8 sessions include:

End-Customer Centricity and Its Impact on the Bottom Line (June 15):

Gain a deep understanding of the importance of placing the end customer at the center of your business strategy and how it directly affects your organization’s financial performance.

The Omnichannel End-Customer Experience Explained (June 20):

Explore the concept of the omnichannel customer experience, understanding its key components and how it impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Omnichannel Marketing Defined (June 27):

Learn about the fundamentals of omnichannel marketing, including the integration of various channels and touchpoints to create a seamless customer journey.

Omnichannel Marketing Execution (July 11):

Discover practical strategies and best practices for implementing and executing an effective omnichannel marketing strategy to drive engagement and conversions.

Omnichannel Sales Defined (July 18):

Understand the essential elements of omnichannel sales, including the integration of online and offline channels, and how it can enhance the customer buying experience.

Omnichannel Sales Execution (July 25):

Learn how to effectively execute omnichannel sales strategies, including leveraging technology, data, and personalized experiences to drive sales growth.

Applying Omnichannel Strategies to Employee Recruitment (August 1):

Explore the application of omnichannel strategies to employee recruitment, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for potential candidates.

Applying Omnichannel Strategies to Employee Retention (August 8):

Discover how to apply omnichannel strategies to employee retention, fostering a cohesive and positive employee experience across various channels and touchpoints.

“ISA is dedicated to providing valuable education and resources to support our members in their pursuit of success,” added Breen. “We encourage professionals from across the industry to take advantage of this opportunity to gain the knowledge and insights necessary to excel in the omnichannel customer experience.”

As a commitment to its members, ISA is pleased to offer these sessions free of charge for all employees at ISA member companies. Non-members can participate in the program for a fee of only $99 per session per person.

To learn more and register for the Summer Session program, visit Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity to navigate the complexities of the omnichannel customer experience and drive organizational growth.

About the Industrial Supply Association (ISA)

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