Why Independent Sales Agents Should Join MANA

MANA is the trade association for professional manufacturers’ representatives and those who aspire to be professional representatives

Access Information, Knowledge and Wisdom About the Manufacturers’ Rep Business

12 Steps to Rep Professionalism Manufacturers’ Agent Professionalism Program
MANA agent members access this program to raise their professionalism level. Click here to view a 6-minute video about the program.

Free “Member in Good Standing” Web Page
Every MANA member gets a free web page based on the information provided in their member profile. See this example of what this web page looks like.

  • How do I get it? It’s automatic when you join. To find the web address for your “Member in Good Standing” web page log onto the member area at MANAonline.org. To learn how to change or delete your web page, click here.

Business Telephone Counseling
Discuss rep-related business issues with MANA staff.

  • How do I get it? Call MANA’s toll-free number, 877-626-2776, and speak to Jerry Leth. There is no charge for this service for MANA members.

Legal Telephone Counseling
Ask a MANA member attorney a legal question. We include an annual half-hour, no-charge call with your membership.

  • How do I get it? MANA members download the attorney list from the member area of the website.

Agency Sales Magazine
Read MANA’s monthly magazine to learn effective ways to operate your business.

Special Access to European Manufacturers Seeking Reps
MANA rep members get free registration at www.commercialagents-northamerica.com/index.html, a website devoted to helping European manufacturers find U.S. and Canadian reps. Only MANA members are eligible to participate in this joint venture between MANA and the Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers (iucab.com).

MANA iToolbox e-Newsletter
Read the monthly iToolbox, an electronic newsletter highlighting current issues and events.

  • How do I get it? MANA e-mails the iToolbox to members monthly. Just remember to check your e-mail inbox.

Special Reports and Publications
Learn from special reports that cover a wide variety of topics about the manufacturers’ rep business.

  • How do I get it? Download special reports (most free) from the member area of the website.

Webinars, MANAcasts, and MANAchats
Gain information, knowledge and wisdom about the rep profession from recorded webinars and MANAcasts.

  • How do I get it? Access webinars and MANAcast recordings in the member area of the website at no charge. Register and listen to MANAcasts live at no charge. Register and participate in networking and informational MANAchats.

Agreement Guidelines
MANA provides manuals and guidelines for rep/principal, rep/sub-rep, employee of rep and international contracts.

  • How do I get it? MANA members download these free from the member area of the website.

Seminars to Educate Your Principals
If you have a principal with great potential but who lacks knowledge and experience in working with reps, send them to a MANA seminar where they learn the effective way to work with you.

  • How do I get it? Check the MANA website for dates, location and cost.

Commission Protection Acts
Access the state statutes that protect reps from principals who stop paying commissions when due.

  • How do I get it? Download your state’s commission protection act from the member area of the website.

Find Principals (Manufacturers or Service Providers)

MANA Online LineFinder® — Where Representatives Go To Find New Principals
MANA manufacturers’ reps use the online LineFinder® to locate principals (manufacturers or service providers) to represent. We list all the MANA principal members in the LineFinder®.

  • How do I get it? You access the LineFinder® in the member area of the website.

MANA Online RepFinder® — Where Manufacturers Go To Find New Representatives
MANA principals use the online RepFinder® to find manufacturers’ reps to sell their products and services. We list all MANA agent members in the RepFinder®.

  • How do I get it? MANA lists your rep agency in the RepFinder® when you join (optional opt-out available).

MANA Classified Ad Program
Use MANA Agency Sales classified ads to find principals (manufacturers or service providers). MANA members receive a 20% discount on classified ads.

Other Member Benefits

Meet fellow MANA members online to share information, knowledge and wisdom about rep business best practices.

  • How do I get it? MANA members join the MANA LinkedIn group.

Hotel Discounts
MANA members  get 20 to 40% off select hotels Lowest Published Rate so you save money when you travel.

  • How do I get it? Check the member area of website to learn how to register with CheckINN card by CLC Lodging.

CPMR Educational Program
Enroll in the “Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative” (CPMR) program presented by the Institute for Professional Advancement.

  • How do I get it? Contact the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) at (303) 463-1801 or go directly to their website for more information. Members of rep associations like MANA get a $300 tuition discount compared to tuition paid by reps who do not belong to a rep association.

Insurance Programs
MANA offers discounts on Term Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Business Office Insurance, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, and Business Owners Policy Insurance.

  • How do I get it? The discounted insurance is available to MANA members by calling Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., contact information is available in the member area of the website.

Promotion of the Rep Way of Doing Business to Manufacturers
MANA promotes the professional rep way of doing business to manufacturers and service providers.

  • How do I get it? This is also included in the membership. Some of your dues support efforts by MANA to get the word out about the benefits of using professional reps.

Cost of Membership

Manufacturers’ Agent (regular) membership for one year is $299.