Looking For A Sales Rep?

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Classified Ad Program: We publish Agency Sales, a monthly magazine which features a large classified ad section. Most of the ads are placed by manufacturers looking for sales agents, with a significant section devoted to agents looking for lines to represent. Agency Sales has a circulation of about 3,000 subscribers.

Premium Web Ad Program: We offer a Premium Classified Ad program in the non-member area of the web site as well. If you place a premium ad, an e-mail is automatically sent to all our members who list that product classification in their profiles. The e-mail alerts the member to the fact that there is a new ad and includes a link to the ad section so it’s easy for the member to check it out.

We know there are a number of non-MANA reps who have book marked this site and frequently check it. Premium ads are displayed in Agency Sales magazine as well.

MANA members get a 20% discount on any ads they place.

For pricing information and an order form for the Agency Sales Classified Ad Program, click here.

For pricing information and an order form for the Premium Classified Ad Program, click here.

MANA RepFinder®: As a MANA member, you will be able to access MANA’s searchable online RepFinder® listing 2,300 rep companies that are MANA member. You can search for reps by territory and product classification. If the 185 product classifications don’t fit your needs, there’s a keyword search option available.

The search results can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for easier analysis and for data sorting.

As an associate member, your company will be listed in the RepFinder® and rep members use the database to search for lines to represent. Click here to try a demo of the RepFinder®.

If you decide to join, we invite you to call MANA at (877) 626-2776 or click the below link when you get your confirmation number. One of our staff will spend time with you helping you get started using the RepFinder®. They will discuss right and wrong ways of contacting the professional field sales organizations that came up in the search results and also go over some of the issues that might get their attention and lead to further conversation, and ultimately an agreement.

Join Now — Manufacturer Membership (Associate) for one year is $649.