What’s New At MANA

Next MANAchat Series Scheduled for the Week of June 10

As MANA continues prioritizing our members’ needs, we’ve identified some emerging challenges within the industry. We believe that collective discussion and sharing of ideas in a MANAchat can lead to effective solutions. The key issues identified: Concerns about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and its impact on efficiency. Manufacturers’ representative members tell us this one […]

MANA Representative Members Eligible to Apply for International Award

The Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers (IUCAB) is a Europe-based umbrella association of 20 manufacturers’ representative associations. MANA is one of those 20 associations. In Europe, manufacturers’ agents are called “commercial agents.” Each year IUCAB chooses an exceptional representative firm to receive IUCAB’s “George Hayward Award.” Eligibility requirements for a MANA-member representative firm to […]

New From MANA — Endorsements!

You say you are a great rep. Who else says so?You say you are a great manufacturer to represent.Who else says so? Who else says so? Now, other MANA members can say so, and MANA will showcase these endorsements where manufacturers looking for reps and reps looking for manufacturers can see them. MANA rep members […]

MANA Board of Directors Nominating Committee Announces 2024 Candidates

MANA’s Board of Directors Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that it has approved applications to appear on the January 2004 Board of Directors election ballot from Marty Grimes and Marilyn Kahler. Marty Grimes owns MANA rep member firm Assembly Solutions, Inc. of Fort Wright, KY. His firm has been a MANA member since 2000. […]

MANA Special Interest Groups

In recent years, MANA has created several Special Interest Groups (SIG) for our members. We schedule periodic MANAchat sessions for these groups so the members can exchange knowledge and information among themselves that help improve the profitability of their manufacturers’ representative businesses. Here are the current SIGs MANA created: A League of Their Own: This […]

Applications for MANA’s Board of Directors Now Available

Applications to be included on the ballot for a seat on MANA’s Board of Directors are now being accepted. The term of office for this seat is May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2026. The deadline to complete the application process is September 1, 2023. The Nominating Committee will make a list of nominees available […]

Special Interest Group for Members Who Sell Into International Territories

In recent years, MANA created Special Interest Groups for our women manufacturers’ representatives as well as our one-person manufacturers’ representative businesses. We periodically schedule online networking events where they get together and discuss issues and solutions relevant to each group. It’s working quite well. A member recently asked if we could do the same for […]

The RepFinder® Phone App Has Been Updated!

The big change is that with version 1.0 you looked at each rep one by one, swiped left or right, and then moved onto the next rep. In version 2.0 you can look at all your search results before you start swiping, so you can compare the reps against each other before you start swiping. […]

Looking for a Way to Network With Fellow MANA Members?

The past year and a half saw a radical change in how we communicate with each other. As time goes on do not expect to go back to the way things used to be. Instead, look forward to new and improved ways to communicate with each other. In addition to person-to-person meetings, members will use […]

Announcing MANA’s New “Rep Members Are Looking for Salespeople” Webpage

MANA rep members who are looking to add sales employees can list their contact information on MANA’s “Rep Members Are Looking for Salespeople” webpage. MANA will list reps’ contact information on this webpage for free.https://www.manaonline.org/mana-rep-members-are-looking-for-salespeople/ To get your contact information added to this page or if you have questions, email ccohon@manaonline.org. Because this page lists […]

Forbes Article Features MANA

“Succession Planning For Your Suppliers, Contractors And Manufacturers’ Reps” in a new Forbes article quotes MANA CEO Charles Cohon. “The specific conversation can involve asking partners how long until they retire? What plans do they have for succession? Will they sell to one of their current employees, to another company, or just close up shop? […]

CPMR Program is In-Person or Virtual for 2021 Says MRERF/IPA Announcement

The CPMR subcommittee with the support of the Board of Directors has determined that participants will be able to select to attend the CPMR program in-person or virtually in January 2021.  Flexibility to Participate  By providing a hybrid experience, MRERF/IPA will be able to provide options for participants to begin, continue, or complete the CPMR […]

Something New — MANAchat Sessions

The current reality, with the inability to meet with people face-to-face, creates a real challenge. We plan to use the current reality to try something different which creates value that lasts into the future, beyond the current reality. Back in the first decade of this century, MANA offered live chapter meetings. As time passed, attendance […]

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