New From MANA — Endorsements!

You say you are a great rep. Who else says so?
You say you are a great manufacturer to represent.
Who else says so?

Who else says so? Now, other MANA members can say so, and MANA will showcase these endorsements where manufacturers looking for reps and reps looking for manufacturers can see them. MANA rep members can endorse manufacturer members. Manufacturer members can endorse rep members.

How can I give endorsements? Log in to the member area of the MANA website. The first link in the Member Toolbox is “Endorse a MANA member.” Pick the member you want to endorse and check the appropriate boxes.

Manufacturer Endorsing a Rep
☑ Increases our sales in their territory every year.
☑ Is one of our most professional reps.
☑ Provides us with field intelligence about our competitors and changes in our industry.
☑ Has great contacts with the customers in their territory.
☑ Is a valued addition to our rep council.
☑ Protects our long-term relationship with a solid succession plan.
☑ Gives us timely and informative updates on their company’s activities.

Rep Endorsing a Manufacturer
☑ Gives us timely and informative updates on their company’s activities.
☑ Respects and values our rep firm.
☑ Has an active, well-organized, and productive rep council.
☑ Always pays commission in full and on time.
☑ Ships our customers high-quality products, on time, at fair prices.
☑ Provides us with high-quality sales leads.
☑ Gave us a fair and balanced rep agreement.

What’s the best way to get an endorsement? Give an endorsement. Whomever you endorse will get an email to notify them that you have endorsed them and a link encouraging them to endorse you.

Want to endorse a company that is not a member? Invite them to join MANA! MANA is proud to add this feature to the many benefits of your MANA membership. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at