Are You Ready to Work With Reps?

How Ready Are You to Work with Professional Sales Companies?

One of the questions manufacturers need to ask themselves before starting a rep search is, are we really ready and prepared to go to work with a network of professional sales company partners? Jumping in before you are ready could have disastrous consequences. We’ve prepared the following questionnaire to help guide you to a realistic decision.

  1. Do you have extensive experience working successfully with manufacturers’ representatives?
  2. Are you willing to consider using an agreement that is fair, balanced, and protects the interest of both parties?
  3. Will you consider sharing the costs of developing business in territories where there is no existing business?
  4. Will you provide exclusive territories to your reps (no house accounts)?
  5. Will add your reps as “additional insured” on your product liability policy?
  6. Do you have a complete marketing support plan ready to support your outside sales program?
  7. Is the top management of your company committed to the use of reps?
  8. Are you willing to make a long-term commitment to a fair and competitive commission rates?
  9. Will you collaborate with manufacturers’ representatives to set mutually agreed upon sales goals rather than setting arbitrary quotas?
  10. Do you understand that requiring “call reports” is not standard practice when working with manufacturers’ representatives? Will you accept timely verbal and email communication as important events unfold rather than requiring a monthly or weekly report?
  11. Do you agree that your company and your reps should operate as Partners in Profits rather than employer/employee?

If you answered “no” to more than just a couple of these questions, don’t despair. We can help. Please call MANA toll-free at (877) 626-2776 and we’ll be happy to discuss ways for you to overcome these concerns.