About MANA

Agents and principals accomplish the most when they work in harmony. This type of teamwork, as well as professional integrity and profitability, are what MANA seeks to promote and facilitate.

Over the years, MANA has become known as the One Association For All Agents and Manufacturers.

MANA has functioned as a horizontal organization for reps and their principals, offering membership to any firm that is willing to ascribe to our Code of Ethics. We feel that we’ve had a positive impact on the unique relationship that is the rep/principal method of going to market. While our sister associations also promote this business partnership approach to marketing, they have tended to do so on a targeted basis, expending their resources in a given industry or geographic market. MANA has, and will continue to focus on the broader picture of education, making its presence known at the state, national, and international levels. At the same time, MANA lends its support to these sister organizations and helps fund the Manufacturers’ Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) in education regarding the profession.

Frankly, many professional sales agencies belong to a minimum of two rep associations — MANA, and an industry specific or geographic-oriented organization. Many of these excellent vertical associations can be accessed from our web site, and we encourage you to visit them once you are through browsing here.

Review the Benefits of Membership for Manufacturers’ Agents and Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers’ Agents

Review the Benefits of Membership for Manufacturers and Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers

Privacy Policy

Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA) values your privacy. Web site visitors may log on and no personal information is collected. MANA does not share e-mail addresses or other personal information provided to MANA except to the extent necessary to complete transactions. Information collected is utilized to improve the MANA Site, products, and services and is not shared with other organizations or individuals. MANA members may be notified about newsletters, special offers or events that MANA sponsors. MANA members may be listed on our online directory so they can locate agents or manufacturers, but they may choose not to be listed. MANA does not sell, rent or market personal information to third parties.

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Fill in these details and we’ll send you a link to run a FREE trial manufacturer search!


Prefer not to share your info? Go directly to MANA’s LineFinder® database without registering!