MANA is the trade association for professional manufacturers’ representatives and those who aspire to be professional representatives.

MANA is also the trade association for manufacturers and service providers who know how to partner with their professional manufacturers’ representatives and for those who want to learn how to maximize their representative relationships.

Access Information, Knowledge and Wisdom About the Manufacturers’ Rep Business

Learn the right way to work with professional independent manufacturers’ agents so the results are long-term and mutually profitable relationships. New to working with manufacturers’ agents?
Read our
Analyzing the Manufacturers’ Rep-Principal Relationship Special Report.

Steps to Becoming a High-Quality Principal Program
MANA principal members access this program to increase their expertise in the representative system of selling, attract the most professional representatives as their partners in profits, and drive more sales. Click here to view a 6-minute video about the program.

Business Telephone Counseling
Discuss representative-related business issues with MANA staff.

  • How do I get it? Call MANA’s toll-free number, 877-626-2776, and speak to Jerry Leth. There is no charge for this service for MANA members.

Legal Telephone Counseling
Ask a MANA member attorney a legal question. We include an annual half-hour, no-charge call with your membership.

  • How do I get it? MANA members download the attorney list from the member area of the website.

Agency Sales Magazine
Read MANA’s monthly magazine to learn effective ways to work with professional manufacturers’ agents.

  • How do I get it? MANA mails an Agency Sales magazine to each member every month. Just pick it up in your mailbox or read the online version in the member area of the website. Members can purchase additional subscriptions for $39 (U.S. locations). Click here for more information on Agency Sales magazine.

MANA iToolbox e-Newsletter
Read the monthly iToolbox, an electronic newsletter highlighting current issues and events.

  • How do I get it? MANA e-mails the iToolbox to members monthly. Just remember to check your e-mail inbox.

Special Reports and Publications
Learn from special reports that cover a wide variety of topics on ways to collaborate with your manufacturers’ agents that result in long-term and mutually profitable relationships.

Manufacturer’s Seminars
Learn the effective way to find and work with manufacturers’ agents at a day-and-a-half seminar taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Webinars and Teleforums
Gain information, knowledge and wisdom about the representative profession from recorded webinars and monthly teleforums.

  • How do I get it? Access webinars and teleforum recordings in the member area of the website at no charge. Register and listen to the monthly teleforums at no charge.

Agreement Guidelines
MANA provides the Manual for the Creation of a Rep-Principal Agreement to help you create a well-balanced contract with your reps.

  • How do I get it? MANA members download this free from the member area of the website.

Find Professional Manufacturers’ Reps

MANA Online RepFinder® — Where Manufacturers Go To Find New Representatives
MANA principals use the online RepFinder® to find manufacturers’ reps to sell their products and services. We list all MANA agent members in the RepFinder®.

MANA Online LineFinder® — Where Representatives Go To Find New Principals
MANA manufacturers’ reps use the online LineFinder® to locate principals (manufacturers or service providers) to represent. We list all the MANA principal members in the LineFinder®.

  • How do I get it? MANA lists your company in the LineFinder® when you join.

MANA Classified Ad Program
Use the MANA online premium ad service or Agency Sales classified ads to find manufacturers’ agents. MANA members receive a 20% discount on classified ads.

Other Member Benefits

Hotel Discounts
MANA members get 20 to 40% off select hotels Lowest Published Rate so you save money when you travel.

  • How do I get it? Check the member area of the website to learn how to register with CheckINN card by CLC Lodging.

Representing Members at the State and National Political Levels

Take action at the federal level when Congress plans to pass legislation that affects your business. MANA belongs to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) that tracks and influences what happens in Washington, DC. When you stay engaged and take action, you influence what happens or does not happen in Washington, DC.

  • How do I get it? NFIB sends MANA “Call to Action” alerts that we pass on to members.

Cost of Membership

Manufacturer membership (associate) for one year is $549.

Are you a rep looking for membership information? Benefits of Membership for Reps