Agency Sales Magazine

Agency Sales magazine is a monthly publication chronicling the changes which continue to take place nationwide that affect you and your business. It’s truly an education in every issue; we explore the latest tax developments, sales tips, market data, management aids, legal bulletins and much more.

MANA publishes Agency Sales, the only magazine devoted exclusively to the outsourced sales profession. Each month Agency Sales features articles that:

  • Help manufacturers’ reps learn how to raise their level of professionalism.
  • Help principals learn about the manufacturers’ rep business.
  • Help both manufacturers’ reps and principals learn how to work with each other more effectively.

MANA members receive Agency Sales as part of their member benefits and now also have access to Agency Sales online. Only MANA members are eligible to receive Agency Sales magazine.

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Agency Sales features a classified ad section in the back of the magazine for multiple advertiser types (click on the line for an order form):

Premium Ad Program

MANA offers an online premium ad program for manufacturers and service providers who look for manufacturers’ reps:

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