Guidelines for Writers

Agency Sales magazine is published for manufacturers’ agents and manufacturers who sell through agents. Feature articles stress how-to material for our readers. Potential writers should consider their material from these aspects:

  1. Will your article help our readers to solve a problem? Is the problem likely to be faced by most of our readers?
  2. Can you include case histories, or a solid example with which many of our readers can identify?
  3. Can you provide us with illustrations? Photographs? Graphs? Tables? Whatever might be important in substantiating your material should be included with your submission.
  4. We are interested in controversy, but we are not interested in material created to support individual problems.

Writing for Agency Sales Magazine

You don’t have to be a writer to be published in our pages. We are much more interested in what you have to say than in how you say it. If our editorial review board believes that your material should be published, we will assign an editor to work with you. However, we would appreciate a first draft from you. We cannot evaluate material in note or outline form.

Tips for Writing for Agency Sales Magazine

First, read the articles in a recent issue. You will see that the articles, whether they are written for agents or manufacturers, all stress the advancement of the relationship between the two and include many direct suggestions for the readers to use in their daily business lives. Articles should be written in the second person — that is “you” as the focus. There is nothing wrong with saying, “This is how I solved the problem,” but always think of the reader as a person whom you might be speaking with or guiding.

The Magazine

Major articles feature agency management techniques, problem solving, agency promotion, tax and accounting guidelines, industry news, market development and analysis, business planning, business travel, sales training, financial trends, manufacturer-agent relations, business technology (cell phones, computers, etc.), global marketing.

We look forward to seeing your material!