MANA Online RepFinder®

MANA is the nation’s largest trade association of professional sales representatives and the principals they represent. For over 60 years, MANA has been the leading source used by marketing professionals in their search for multi-line sales agencies.

As a MANA member, you will be able to access MANA’s searchable online RepFinder® listing its 2,300 rep firm members and representing manufacturers’ best resource for finding top reps, including free unlimited searches. It’s North America’s best rep finder. If our 185 product classifications don’t fit your needs, you can narrow down your search by keyword too.

RepFinder® Features:

  • The data is always current. MANA’s membership database is updated daily
  • You search the database by: Territory and Products
  • You can view full agency profile and rep’s web site, if available
  • Your search results can be exported to spreadsheets or other documents

The online RepFinder® is to be used for the express purpose of facilitating match-ups between manufacturer and service companies (principals) and manufacturers agents. It may also be used to facilitate match-ups between manufacturers agents and sub-agents. The RepFinder® database cannot be used for mass marketing.

Access to the RepFinder® database is available to all MANA manufacturer members

You’ll get immediate access to the online RepFinder® when you become a member, which includes free, unlimited searches across our premier directory of committed independent sales reps who know their products and territories.