021: Peter Zafiro

Peter Zafiro, General Manager, LinMot USA, Inc. has lengthy, successful experience working with manufacturers’ representatives. In this episode of Outsourcing Selling, he shares how he views working with reps. “I’ve gone to market with a variety of business models over

013: The Principal Is the Customer

Manufacturers’ representatives famously coddle their customers, the people and companies that buy products from the manufacturers listed on the representatives’ line cards. The manufacturers listed on the representatives’ line card, often referred to as the representatives’ principals, are the entities

011: Ask the Right Questions

“Questioning is the prequel to selling,” says Manufacturers’ Agents National Association Board Member Stephen Fowler. “The RIGHT questions should discover the RIGHT answers. Questions uncover facts, beliefs, timing, and circumstances.   Open minded, curious, goal-directed, RIGHT questioners have interest, enthusiasm, respect

001: Race To Quality

At a joint meeting of the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA) and the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA), MANA’s CEO Charles Cohon shared his predictions for the rep industry. “I think the best way to explain why we are here today

000: Outsourcing Selling Preview

Savvy manufacturers’ know that there is only one thing more expensive than fielding a highly-qualified sales force. It’s not fielding a highly-qualified sales force, especially if your competition does. But those same savvy manufacturers also know that hiring direct employees