021: Peter Zafiro

Peter Zafiro, General Manager, LinMot USA, Inc. has lengthy, successful experience working with manufacturers’ representatives. In this episode of Outsourcing Selling, he shares how he views working with reps. “I’ve gone to market with a variety of business models over the years. I’ve worked with factory direct-only salespeople, hybrids of direct and independent reps and […]

019: Best Practices Interview with First Mfr. on MANA’s Board of Directors: Charlie Ingram, Eriez Mfg.

In this podcast Charlie Ingram, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Eriez Manufacturing, gives representatives a chance to see themselves as a manufacturer sees them. For representatives’ benefit, Charlie shares his perspectives on sales reports, rep councils, international sales meetings, manufacturers’ recruiting practices to locate and onboard new reps, 50+ year representative relationships, and ways representatives […]

018: My biggest principal was just sold. What do I do now?

Sometimes a new owner makes things better for reps. More often, a new owner eventually challenges legacy reps to prove their value, or even fires all its reps to save on commissions. Whether the outcome is positive or not positive, the news that your largest principal is always jarring, and the first thing that comes […]

017: Women Entrepreneurs – Untapped Rep Talent Pool

In this podcast the first woman member of MANA’s Board of Directors, Michelle Jobst of Jobst Incorporated, Eden Prairie, MN, discusses her recent Agency Sales magazine editorial The Untapped Talent Pool and her own experiences as a woman working in the manufacturers’ representative industry since 1994. Opportunities for women, and opportunities to capitalize on the […]

016: 1949 Rep Article Rings True Today

The year was 1947. Harry S Truman was president, the World Series was televised for the first time (the New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in seven games), Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, and on October 17, 1947, the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association joined the community of not-for-profit trade associations. Fast forward to […]

015: European Manufacturers’ Representatives

Manufacturers’ representatives are thriving in North America, but that’s not the only place where sales force outsourcing has robust support. European manufacturers’ representatives, known there as commercial agents, are flourishing on the other side of the Atlantic. In this podcast we speak with Olivier Mazoyer, president of commercial agent company AJM Forces de Ventes Associées […]

014: Business Networking Group 2.0 – The Rep Council

Business networking groups bring together business owners from a wide range of businesses. A veterinarian, a real estate agent, and a restauranteur could be part of the same networking group, with their only common interest being the desire to bring their business problems to a fresh set of eyes. But what if you could assemble […]

013: The Principal Is the Customer

Manufacturers’ representatives famously coddle their customers, the people and companies that buy products from the manufacturers listed on the representatives’ line cards. The manufacturers listed on the representatives’ line card, often referred to as the representatives’ principals, are the entities that send the representatives monthly commission checks. Too often representatives remember to sell to the […]

012: Export 101 – Selling to Mexico Through Manufacturers’ Representatives

Last year Mexico imported approximately $182 billion from U.S. companies. One of the ways U.S. companies can pursue their own slice of that $182 billion pie is through manufacturers’ representatives in Mexico. In this podcast MexicoRepresentation.com President Ed Juline describes how U.S. manufacturers can engage with Mexican manufacturers’ representatives and clears up some of the […]

011: Ask the Right Questions

“Questioning is the prequel to selling,” says Manufacturers’ Agents National Association Board Member Stephen Fowler. “The RIGHT questions should discover the RIGHT answers. Questions uncover facts, beliefs, timing, and circumstances.   Open minded, curious, goal-directed, RIGHT questioners have interest, enthusiasm, respect and need a special sympathetic intelligence. Armed with the right answers they map the trip […]

010: $76,877,889.41 Commission Judgement

I’ve heard of manufacturers’ representatives going to court and being awarded past due commission on a million-dollar order. I’ve even heard of manufacturers’ representative s going to court and being awarded a million-dollar commission. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a manufacturers’ representative going to court and being awarded a $76,877,889.41 commission […]

009: Why I Love to Find My Competitors’ House Accounts

Why I Love to Find My Competitors’ House Accounts is one of the most popular articles ever to appear in Agency Sales magazine. In this podcast the article’s author, Doyle Evans, president emeritus, Pinnacle Marketing, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, discusses how accounts his competitors try to service without a manufacturers’ representative are low-hanging fruit for […]

008: 700,000 Manufacturers’ Agents Thriving in Europe and Worldwide

Sales force outsourcing is booming in Europe, says Christian Rebernig, Secretary General of the Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers (www.iucab.com). Known commonly in Europe as commercial agents rather than manufacturers’ representative or manufacturers’ agents, companies that provide European sales representation to worldwide manufacturers enjoy productive political and economic climates, says Christian. IUCAB is an […]

007: Millennial and Baby Boomer Reps – Baton Pass to the Next Generation

Olympic relay runners routinely pass the baton with graceful finesse, never missing a step. Handoffs from Baby Boomers to Millennials tend not to go that smoothly. Those Olympic athletes have a distinct advantage over the Baby Boomers and Millennials. The athletes know in advance who will pass the baton, who will receive it, and exactly […]

006: First Visit To a New Lawyer: What Happens Before the Clock Starts

Some people can’t bring themselves to visit a dentist. Others struggle to get themselves into their accountant’s office at tax time. And for many, fear of the unknown keeps them from reaching out to a lawyer whose specialty is manufacturers’ representative law. In this episode attorney Matthew Benson discusses the kind of conversation he and […]

005: Preparing to Interview for a New Line

You’ve caught the interest of a manufacturer who needs a representative. The phone interview went well, you’re made it onto the short list of candidates, and the final face-to-face interview is coming up fast. The days when you can “wing it” are gone, say GSA Optimum President John Beaver. What kind of research should you […]

004: Key Elements of a Rep Agreement

It’s more than making sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. A good rep/principal agreement requires strategic thinking before the first clause is even written. In this episode attorney Daniel Beederman reviews the strategy underlying the creation of a successful rep/principal agreement.  

003: The Fatal Unforced Error – Why The Big Line Went Away

The rep was doing a great job for the manufacturer, but the certified letter just arrived in the rep’s office anyway. Why did this happen? Not for the lack of sales activities. Not for the lack of sales. It was for the lack of Backselling. Bottom line, the rep did a great job with customers […]

002: Canadian Reps – The Same But Different

What’s it like to be a rep or work with reps in Canada? It’s the same as it would be in the United States, but it’s also different. In this podcast we speak with Canadian rep Craig Lindsay, President of Pacesetter Sales & Associates, who share the misconceptions and misunderstandings manufacturers and reps have about […]

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