What’s it like to be a rep or work with reps in Canada? It’s the same as it would be in the United States, but it’s also different. In this podcast we speak with Canadian rep Craig Lindsay, President of Pacesetter Sales & Associates, who share the misconceptions and misunderstandings manufacturers and reps have about how reps operate in Canada.

Among the challenges Craig’s firm has mastered is servicing a mostly long and narrow sales territory, some 2,800 miles long but just 100 miles deep. That’s because most of Canada’s commerce occurs within about 100 miles of its border with the United States, although Craig’s salespeople do cover the entire country.

Craig brings 25 years of experience in his own firm, eight years of experience on MANA’s Board of Directors, and a commonsense perspective on international commerce to this interview.

Fotolia Bits and Splits
Fotolia Bits and Splits
002: Canadian Reps – The Same But Different

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