CPMR Program is In-Person or Virtual for 2021 Says MRERF/IPA Announcement

The CPMR subcommittee with the support of the Board of Directors has determined that participants will be able to select to attend the CPMR program in-person or virtually in January 2021. 

Flexibility to Participate 

By providing a hybrid experience, MRERF/IPA will be able to provide options for participants to begin, continue, or complete the CPMR program during these unusual times. This decision reflects the overwhelming preferences of CPMR program survey participants.

CPMR faculty will also be able to choose whether to deliver their content in-person or virtually.

This may change the feel of CPMR as we know from the past, but we believe this can be an exciting time to bring new content learned from this collective experience. We can be together with a familiar program and cohorts in January. You may find more information about CPMR and registration details at https://mrerf.org/cpmr2/

Safety Considerations 

Kate Rhoten, Executive Director of MRERF/IPA, continues to work closely with the team at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center to plan a CPMR program unlike any other.

As we prepare for CPMR 2021, we will be communicating the safety protocols that have been put in place. Please visit mrerf.org/covid-19 for more information from the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center and the Centers for Disease Control. AT&T has begun holding meetings and events. Over time, these safety protocols most likely will evolve – please return to this page for information as we get closer to CPMR. 

The Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) is the creative energy behind educational programs offered by the Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA). The Foundation prepares curriculum and resource material about representative-manufacturer partnerships available to academia and business communities, including MRERF partnering associations and their constituents.