Login to the Member Area of the Website — You Will Find a Wealth of Information

When was the last time you logged into the member area of the MANA website? If it’s been a while, go there and check it out.

If you want to connect with new principals to represent, go to the LineFinder®, our directory of the over 500 MANA manufacturer members. They joined because they want to find manufacturers’ representatives to sell their products or services.

If you want information on how to improve the way you operate your business, check out the “Steps to Rep Professionalism” program. You find it right under the phone number at the top of the display. The program covers 12 different topics and provides resources in a variety of formats. Invest some time to review those, implement what you learn and get a return on the time you invested.

Need legal help? Under the “Legal and Consulting” heading, we provide a list of rep-savvy attorneys. In addition to helping you create agreements that protect you, they also provide a free 30-minute consultation on general legal questions.

You can also access previous Agency Sales magazine issues. Use the search option to find articles that dealt with the issue on which you want information.

There’s more, so check it out.