MANA Special Interest Groups

In recent years, MANA has created several Special Interest Groups (SIG) for our members. We schedule periodic MANAchat sessions for these groups so the members can exchange knowledge and information among themselves that help improve the profitability of their manufacturers’ representative businesses.

Here are the current SIGs MANA created:

A League of Their Own: This SIG is for our women manufacturers’ representatives, either the owner of the business or a woman that works for a manufacturers’ representative.  

One-Person Manufacturers’ Representative Members: This SIG is for the one-person manufacturers’ representative members.

Manufacturers’ Representatives That Sell to International Customers:  This SIG is for our manufacturers’ representative members who sell to customers not located in the U.S. or Canada.

If you are interested in joining one of these SIGs, please send an email to Jerry Leth, MANA VP & GM, at

If you want to form a different Special Interest Group, please call Jerry Leth at (949) 600-6465. He is in California for time zone purposes.