MANAcast on Line Profitability Analysis January 28

12 p.m. ET  ·  11 a.m. CT  ·  10 a.m. MT  ·  9 a.m. PT

Do all of the lines you represent work out really well for you? Some lines that worked in the past may no longer do so, but the change was so gradual, you didn’t notice. Professional manufacturers’ representatives perform a periodic “Line Card Profitability Analysis” that tells you which ones still work for you and which ones don’t.

On this MANAcast, we will talk about:

  • Why you should analyze your lines on a regular basis
  • How to perform the analysis
  • What to do with the lines that no longer appear to work for you
  • And more
photo of Charles Cohon

Our panelist will be:

Charles Cohon, CPMR, MANA President and CEO
Prior to becoming MANA’s president and CEO, Cohon operated Prime Devices Corporation, a multi-person manufacturers’ representative business based in Morton Grove, Illinois. He authored MANA’s Line Card Profitability Analysis workbook and is also the author of the book The Sales Force.

A value of belonging to MANA is the ability to tap into the common wisdom and knowledge of your fellow members. What do other members do to resolve these challenges? This MANAcast helps you learn how.

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