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  • RepFinder®: You can use the RepFinder® to see how many MANA manufacturers’ rep members there are that could be prospects to represent your company. This information is helpful in deciding whether a MANA membership makes sense for your company. Check out tips on using the RepFinder®. What you will see in the results are:
    • Location (City, State).
    • How long they have been in business.
    • How long they have been MANA members.
    • How many outside sales people they have.
    • The territory they cover.
    • A description of the products or services they sell.
    • What you will not see is contact information. The RepFinder® that MANA members see includes complete contact information and e-mail and website links.
  • Other Resources: You will see a listing of all the other resources available to MANA members, but not the actual resource. There’s a lot there, adding to the value of your MANA membership.

Tips for Using the RepFinder®

  • Since manufacturers’ reps sell multiple products, use the product classifications for complementary products in addition to the product classification or classifications that match what you provide. You can select multiple product classifications.
  • Alternatively, you can use a keyword search (found below the product classifications).
  • Do NOT Use Both at the Same Time.