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Free Registration at http://bit.ly/HBS_MANA

Harvard Business School has invited MANA CEO Charles Cohon to present “Outsourcing Selling” to its MBA students at its centerpiece Spangler Center, and also has invited the business community to sit in. In addition to Harvard Business School MBA students, Harvard welcomes manufacturers, reps, and students from other schools to attend.

Reservations for this 90 minute event are complimentary but seating is limited, so visit http://bit.ly/HBS_MANA now to reserve your spot. Attendees also receive a free electronic copy of Sales Reps: How Manufacturers and Reps Can Better Work with Each Other for Mutual Gain by super-rep and Harvard MBA Bob Reiss.

Cohon’s presentation will introduce sales force outsourcing to the MBA students, many of whom have plans to launch their own companies. As entrepreneurs, those students and guests from the business community will learn how to use manufacturers’ representatives to access the sales expertise and connections they need on an outsourced, largely pay-for-success basis.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What do reps bring to the table?
  • With whom will I be sharing my reps?
  • Why do reps often earn more trust from customers than a direct factory salesperson?
  • How do I find reps who:
    o Have already earned the trust of my target customers?
    o Can get me access to customers who would otherwise be very hard to reach?
    o Have relationships I can leverage?
    o Have expertise in my market segment and know the local customer practices in their territory?
    o Would be a good fit for the needs of my Fortune 500 company? For my mid-sized company? For my startup?
  • How do I recruit them?
  • How do I contract with them?
  • How do I manage our relationship for maximum productivity?

“These concepts,” says Cohon, “will let you build a lasting relationship with a manufacturers’ representative who may be on your side for years or decades, but will never be on your payroll.”

Free Registration at http://bit.ly/HBS_MANA


For more information, contact ccohon@manaonline.org

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