MANA’s LinkedIn Group Offers Members a Platform to Exchange Best Practices and Get Feedback From Peers

A potential benefit of belonging to an association like MANA is networking with your fellow peers to exchange best practices and ideas. In the old days, MANA created local chapters where members networked in a face-to-face environment. Because of how busy everyone is these days, those no longer work.

Today technology offers social media as an alternative. MANA created a LinkedIn group for this purpose and to date 1,103 members have signed up. We encourage you to visit the MANA LinkedIn group and start networking with fellow members when you need their feedback or can help them with their issues. Participating in this manner also creates a sense of community.

Recently posted topics:

  • How would you convince a prospective manufacturer that a LOP-LOP increases the value of their company? If the manufacturer plans to sell their company, they are concerned the LOP-LOP clause decreases it. They won’t agree to it.
  • A principal just terminated your agreement. How do you notify your customers?
  • If your agreement says the principal pays commissions by the 15th of the month following receipt of customer payments, does that include all payments or does that exclude partial payments made by the customer?
  • What’s your response when a principal asks you to send them contact information for all your customers, supposedly so they can send them marketing information promoting their products?

We encourage you to offer your comments and to also post your own topics.

If you are not yet a member of the MANA LinkedIn group, please e-mail Jerry Leth at and just type “LinkedIn” in the subject line. He will send you an invitation to connect and once you do, you will get an invite to join the group.