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Strong Selling Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers for boats and ships. North America and Int'l.

Titanium Marine Technologies, LLC
posted 02/02/2023
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About our products

Our "Secret Sauce" is the use of Titanium whereever sea water is present.  Titanium eliminates the need for costly replacement of Copper-Nickel, Brass or Stainless Steel exchangers because Titanium NEVER wears out!  Titanium Marine heat exchangers and exhaust products will outlast the vessel in which they are installed.   Deliveries are generally 8 weeks or less because we hold strong inventory of the Titanium raw materials. 

Applications include marine A/C condensers and chillers, engine, gear box coolers, hydraulic power units, wet exhaust elbows and small fabrications.  We specialize in "One Off" replacement applications where a "DROP IN" exchanger saves man-days and dollars for owners and contractors. 

Titanium Marine Technologies has 30+ years of selling to the marine sector, from luxury yachts to tugs, workboats, ferries and US Navy vessels.

About our company and the ideal rep to sell our products

We have over 30+ years experience solving heat exchange problems where salt water is present.  We started in the Tuna Fishing industry and singlehandedly changed the way that fishermen specificy equipment for their fish chilling and freezing systems.  We can provide RSW and Brine Freezing chillers for tuna, sardine, mackeral, minhaden, pogi and all manner of live seafood.  

From there we graduated into main engine and gear box cooling and then to hydraulic power unit coolers.  Turbo inter and after coolers are also ideal applications for sea water resistant heat exchangers.  

New products include a fully Titanium line of Wet Exhaust Elbows and Turbo Inter & After coolers are  eliminating the current 2-3 year replacement cycle for these items.  If your customer has a need to eliminate corrosion and erosion, Titanium is the best material and we are the best fabricators for these appliactions.

Successful reps are calling on boat / ship owners, as well as shipyards and marine contractors..  End users are always excited when the Value Proposition is delivered and the solution to ongoing problems is put forward.  Technical support is provided from Titanium Marine and a large 'installed base' supports our claims.

Available Territories

Territories exist along all three coastlines in the USA (inlcuding Alaska and Hawaii).  Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean are also needing representation.  Sales are straightforward and quick once the client realizes that his problems are going to dissapear when Titanium is installed.  

Titanium Marine Technologies, LLC
P.O. Box 667
Magnolia, Texas 77353

Contact: Tim Mournian

Additional Contact Instructions

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