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  • posted 05/10/2023
    Stampings, Forgings Missouri and states adjacent
    Brand Preference Development Co.

    Established rep wanting to grow the second generation: we represent hardware lines to OEM and resellers to the same oem. We are strong in custom short run stamping, hinges, latches, clamps and pipe s...

  • posted 05/01/2023
    Agency for Insulation, Adhesive Tapes and Materials

    Fiberglass, mineral fiber, refractory ceramic and related materials for industrial and commercial distributors and contractors. Also, related fire protection systems such as grease duct wrap. Special...

  • posted 02/14/2023
    Canada OEM Industrial/Electric/Components
    Les Agences CMG inc.

    We currently represent alternator, silencer, rubber hose manufacturers, looking for opportunity on related products manufacturer that are in research for sales agent.