Largest Searchable Database of Manufacturers’ Reps

Charles Cohon, CEO

Largest Searchable Database of
Elite Manufacturers’ Reps
With “Skin In The Game”

MANA member reps are the true professionals who…

  • Pay significant annual dues to belong to their not-for-profit professional trade association.
  • Put “skin in the game” by investing in continuous improvement.
  • Know that “free to the rep” matchmaking sites are flooded with “wannabee” reps and prefer MANA’s exclusive database of elite dues-paying reps.
  • Have pride in their successful rep companies and give back to their industry.

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Charles Cohon
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Manufacturers’ Agents National Association

MANA provides a well-balanced platform for both Manufacturers and Rep Agencies on how to best work together in a mutual effort to grow our businesses, collectively serve our customers better and improve all levels of service.

Simply put, MANA helps eliminate the “Us vs. Them” attitude between Manufacturers and Reps so we all are pulling on the same end of the rope. We believe in the benefits of MANA so much that we sponsored a one year MANA membership for our rep companies who were not already MANA members – a total of 44 Rep companies from North America and worldwide.

Testimonial from
Eriez Magnetics Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Charlie Ingram


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