Too Few Factory Visits, Say Ed Bobacher

A MANA newsletter reminding manufacturers to give their representatives ample notice of visits to the field prompted MANA member Ed Bobacher to write to MANA and report the opposite problem.  Ed kindly allowed us to post his email on MANA’s blog.

Another trend we have noticed becoming too frequent is the lack of manufacturer visits at all. This includes both our large primary lines as well as our smaller secondary lines.

We welcome those visits but manufacturers appear to have pared down their territorial visits for a variety of reasons including cost-cutting and lack of technically adept staff dedicated to field sales.

Therefore we must jump through many hoops to go through to get the right people in the field. We welcome sales managers’ visits to discuss “numbers”. But we also welcome technical people to work with end users and engineering companies and that is lacking.

A discussion on this may be appropriate for your members.

Best regards,

Ed Bobacher
AnJo Enterprises Inc.