Why do so many reps love the rep business?

Charles and Harold Cohon

It’s the same reason so many people love Coca-Cola™. Associations. People associate the flavor of Coca-Cola with happy events: a baseball game, a picnic, a childhood birthday party. The flavor launches memories of those happy events, so naturally many people love Coca-Cola.

The reason reps love the rep business? Associations. So many of us associate our rep businesses with the friends and family whose company we treasured while we pursued our livelihoods in the rep business.

For me, at least, the reason I loved the rep business was because I associated it with working with my father Harold Cohon for 34 years until he retired. Even though Dad and I still get together regularly, when we worked together the rep business it brought us together every day, and we both look back at those days nostalgically.

We had good times and hard times, profitable years and not so profitable years, but it was always a father and son endeavor. And whether they were good times or hard times as long as we could work together and the commissions were enough to keep home and hearth together, that was plenty for us. Because whether they were good times or hard times, they were always father and son times.