Sid Ragona is on the January 2022 MANA Board of Directors Ballot

MANA’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sid Ragona, Owner of Ragona Scientific LLC in Pittsford, NY, has successfully applied to appear on the January 2022 MANA Board of Directors ballot to serve a two-year term starting May 1, 2022.

Ragona is running for the seat that will become available when MANA Director John Davis completes his service on MANA’s Board of Directors. Davis served as a Director and also as Chairperson of MANA’s Board of Directors.

Davis completes his Board service on April 30, 2022. MANA’s Board of Directors and staff are so very grateful for the years he dedicated to MANA’s Board.

Ragona founded Ragona Scientific LLC in 2006 and has been a MANA member since 2009. His company specializes in nanotechnology from foreign start-up companies that want to sell into the US and Canada. (

He is also cohost of a radio show and podcast about entrepreneurship. (started in July 2020) Rethinking Business: Success Sauce and two pickles. ( and has been a Certified Score Mentor since 2011.

In his Board application, Ragona wrote:

“I would be honored to serve as a board member for MANA. I have been an enthusiastic supporter of MANA ever since I joined around 13 years ago. I thoroughly enjoy the monthly Magazine (Agency Sales) and have contributed to it quite a few times.

“In 2015 I served on the professional development council for MANA and learned a lot from the process. I have benefited professionally and financially from being a MANA member and have found the organization and its personnel to be very helpful and responsive. I cannot imagine running a rep company without the vast arsenal of MANA resources at my fingertips.

“In addition to running a successful rep company that specializes in overseas manufacturers, I am also a certified SCORE mentor and board member (member at large) of our local chapter. I teach a large variety of workshops ranging from Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, and business planning using a Business Model Canvas. Additionally, I cohost a radio show and podcast about entrepreneurship.

“I feel that all these skills culminate to work in synergy to provide sound decision making based on a wide variety of experience.”

Ballots will be distributed by email to rep members by January 1, 2022. Votes must be received by January 31, 2022 to be counted.